Captured and Still

She was a photograph,

Still and captured in an instant.

He was a video,

Moving too fast,

Not wanting to wait for the photograph.

A message

Step back

And breathe

You are exactly

Where you’re meant to be.


Our Minds Are Vast

I see peace in long walks,
In the sun
With our feet traveling here
And our mind traveling elsewhere.
To realize we are small,
With everything happening
around us so fast
But we continue to walk
Because our minds are vast.
Thinking up realities
That are too good to be true
But we let the journey take its course,
Let the wheel go, and give up control.



The age of decisions.
What your future is destined to be ,
What career must have
What life you’re going to live.
Summed up in few sentences and a 5 year outlook.

Let’s change the normal.
For that’s too much to focus on.

The year you take chances,
The year you learn how to be,
The year become one in your own.

To look back and have no regrets is a imaginary concept,
For this is the year we begin to figure ourselves out.


Positive Uncertainty

I crave uncertainty
The future is unknown,
And I’ve been scared for far too long.
Nothing is granted
And I’m done takin chances.
I want to live,
For myself, for my well being.

The stress I’ve put on myself,
And on others is unsatisfactory.
It’s an illness and I’ve been infected.
But I’m recovering, slowly, but surely
With each step I take,
Each warm embrace
From the sun
I’m on my way
to better days.


Hope, Dreams, Motivation

Hopes shattered
Dreams crushed
Motivation crumbling
We built this life from the ground up
Just to watch influence and society
Take an axe and keep hacking
Hacking away at the very soul
So we bled and we gained scars
We will not let another define who we are.

Hope rebuilding
Dreams recreating
Motivation reincarnating
Filtering the influence
That paved a negative difference
Acknowledging the bad
And seeking the good
We will not let our creativity
Go misunderstood.